Shyam Rana and Ramesh made people laugh at Pasupathi’s birthday

On the birthday of the popular singer Pasupati Sarma, who has been successful in one project after another in the field of Nepali art, folk singers Shyam Rana and Ramesh Raj Bhattarai have made everyone laugh. The artists entertained by repeating birthday wishes. Ramejraj Bhattarai, who has traveled together since the moment of struggle, has entertained by talking sarcastically about the lives of the two.

Pasupathi, who enjoys music with his friends, said he would always be young on his birthday. The anti-Nepal house celebrated Sharma’s birthday. On the birthday celebrated in Baglung, there was a special discussion with people from different fields, including new and old artists, about the new music video of Ma Pasupathi and birthday wishes. The artists blessed Pasupathi to have the same strength that lasted for 25 years.

Pashupati Sharma is a singer who sings songs in a satirical manner, many of the songs he has sung have reached the top of the discussion. Sharma, who sings songs with a different kind of sweetness and rhythm, has given a positive message to society. When the Congress government was in power, Sharma, who sang the song “America is the same as Japan, the UML’s government can be looted separately, the loot is small in Nepal, the rest is free”, was also dragged into a lot of controversy as the singer who sings party songs. Pashupati Sharma says I am not a singer of the party, I am a singer of the people, I sing songs of the people. They say that I do not follow any party.

Born in Syangja Chapakot, the Siamese are sociable and cheerful, they are seen entertaining themselves by embracing music. The new talents coming to the Nepali market are also working to preserve the culture. In the current environment, many people are involved in blackness in Nepal. It is considered to be a great thing to be able to entertain the audience by taking the talent within. artists are bringing various kinds of gifts into society. Rana Magars also say that they have a feeling that they have to make their mark by taking a different path. Shyam, who saw the car after studying eighth grade, says that he is constantly engaged in his work.

Shyam says that his life has been going on as it should be in a different way. the artist has such power that it wakes up even the sleeping people in society. the artist used to mold the real events and imagined events in society and bring them to the market in different ways, which also gave a positive message to society. The voice given by the famous singer Shyam has been in the limelight since before. Being the jewel of artists, he has been bringing out different kinds of songs that expose society.

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