Shyam Rana’s wife won the election.

Residents of Chapkoti have come to the media with their brother Yam Bahadur, saying that Iswar Thakuri has won the post of mayor and Isa Rana has won the post of deputy mayor.  Isa Rana, who has been in social service for a long time, has been a part of social change.  He said that the people’s representatives will always work for the development of Chapakot and fulfillment of the assurance given to the people by Sam Rana.  As the main basis of the country’s transformation is the local level, they have said that they are actively pressuring the people’s representatives to work for the people.

Famous folk double singer, Sam Rana Magar came to the media for the first time with his wife Isa Rana after his wife got the ticket for deputy mayor and had a special debate about his love and life.  In the Chapakot municipality of Syangja, Isa Rana was the candidate for the post of deputy mayor from the Nepali Congress.  Although his parents’ dream is to have a son in Lahure, they have to do something in their own country as well.

After winning the ODA seat and becoming an executive member and engaging in various social work, Isa said that she is now serving the people by becoming the deputy mayor.  The couple tied the knot on the third day of their meeting with Sam Rana.  He says that in the early days, even those who have been unhappy, they continue their journey by playing with different situations. Nepali artists are working to preserve the various Bhasa cultures running in the Gurunepali community.

Artists who have brought new songs to the market in the field of Nepali art, are giving a message to the audience through entertainment and songs.  They used to show each other playing Madal in turns.  Sam, who thinks that it is not only a big thing to earn money in life, but also to have fun, says that he has taken a different path than others.  He said that he lived his life happily even though he could not earn much in his life.  Since his interest is more towards music, he says that he has given continuity to it later.  Artists have the same role in building the society, which is bringing the message country talents to the market through various means in the Nepali society.

Born in Syangja Chapakot, Sam is a sociable artist who is found entertaining the audience by embracing music.  New talents coming to the Nepali market are also working to preserve the culture.  In today’s environment, there are many people in the field of art in Nepal.  It is considered a great thing to be able to entertain the talent in front of the audience.  Artists are bringing a variety of message-oriented gifts to the society.  Rana Magars also say that they have to make a name for themselves by following a different path.  Sam, who saw the car after finishing eighth grade, says that he is constantly busy with his work.

Sam says that he has to get involved in art in a different way.  The artist has such power that it awakens the sleeping man in the society.  Artists bring the real events that have taken place in the society, the imagined events to the market in different ways, which also gives a positive message to the society.  Famous singer Sam’s voice has been in the news for a long time now.

In the current situation, when a new talent comes to the market, it causes a lot of panic, which also gives some positive and negative message in the market.  People have started to change in such a way that their habits have made it difficult for others to follow them.  Artists who have been struggling in the society after two or three songs, they are getting closer to different people, when they get close to people, then they are unknowingly tied in love. Sometimes their love is found to give a bad message.  People have come to understand that there are various kinds of suffering.

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