Sick Anita Khadka is unable to speak anymore

Vinod Khadka and Anita Khadka are hardly unfamiliar with this couple. Anita Khadka, who has been living in the hospital for the past few years, had some improvement in her health. Anita Khadka and Binod Khadka, who had been receiving treatment for a long time, returned to their village after three years to celebrate Dashain Tihar.

After returning to Kathmandu for the operation of Anita, who has been ill for a long time, they have already operated on Anita. But the operation was not successful. Sick Anita Khadka is now unable to speak and her family is in a state of tension. He comes to see Anita and tries his best to keep her happy. Amaju’s sister is in the hospital taking good care of Anita.

Binod Khadka, his sister and mother had burst into tears at the airport some time ago when Anita returned to Kathmandu for an operation. Many viewers have tried to understand the condition of Anita who has been undergoing treatment in the hospital for a long time but the viewers have been informed about her condition. This is a conversation between Anita’s husband and sister

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