Sidha Kura | EP – 131

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The program “Sidhakura” broadcasted every evening on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from Galaxy 4k television is a simple program to find solutions to people’s concerns and complaints. In today’s episode, there was a discussion about the risk of the fourth wave of Corona, while the bus drivers of the big college raised the issue of driving the bus after drinking alcohol. The cold store in the name of a person has been raised on the issue of going to the government budget every year. Hark Sampang suddenly cried when he went to the forest for tree planting, he said that he did not even imagine that he would be supported by so many people from all over the country.

When the new budget is coming towards the beginning of the financial year, after the rumor that the budget was changed overnight, the CCTV footage of Singh Darbar has also been disappeared. After being acquitted, he became the finance minister again. Up to 109 episodes of Sidha Kura, the program presenter Rabi Lamichhane, in the coming days, said that the situation forced him to join politics, and he has been holding Sidha Kura for 5.5 years. Yubraj Kadel, who has been giving voice from behind the curtain, was given the lead to broadcast regularly from episode 110, saying that he would hand it over to the new generation. Yubaraj has been continuously raising his voice for the sake of people’s happiness and raising the voice of voiceless people.

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