Sidha kura janta sanga (IN English: Straight talk with the people) is a popular television show which was hosted by a popular host and also a popular TV presenter Rabi Lamichhane on the News24. So in today eps Police say: The investigation is getting complicated but we are with the victim, MP says that Musahar of Mahottari has been drowned by public housing. so Lets have a look at video:

Samjhana Bhujel is a pioneer Nepalese television presenter who presents the most popular current affair television series aired from News 24 televiosn owened and operated by Nepal Broadcasting Channel Pvt Ltd . She hosts a popular television show, “Sidha Kura Janta Sanga”, which addresses the root causes of different issues that occurs inside the country”. She is also best known for her “detective-style” for finding the popular issues of the nation. She raises a direct question to the Nepal’s bureaucracy regarding the problems of the country in various sectors.

She is an eye star of many Nepalese youth. In this show, she raised all the question regarding politics, economics and socio- culture sectors. She interviewed the top politicians of the country in a very bold and daring way. Many are fond of her hosting and presenting style. Bhujel collects up the complaints from the ordinary people, mostly who are victims of fraud or corruption, and encounters the ostensible doer on camera.

She is one of the top journalists of Nepal. After becoming the celebrity of Nepal and be in a limelight, many people raised the voice against her journalism style, many people try to down her character, many want to show her down. Despite of many controversies, she neither lack her energy nor down her boldness style and always march her way towards her journalism. She has been with News 24 a premiere news channel of Nepal for quite a few years and was hosting one of the most watched news series Call 24. After Call 24 she was promoted to take care and host the best and the most popular television show “Shidha Kura Janata Sanga”.

Miss Samjhana has is well know in the society for her boldness clear thought, brave and character to represent the public voice loud and clear into the world. She is also the winner for first runner up for miss icon competition of Nepal along with she is the winner of Miss Capital 2014 competition.Now the show is hosted by the Television presenter Samjhana Bhujel. Bhujel ia also known for her boldness character in the show and the show is still in continuity in the News24, finally last but not least she is the person with beauty and brain and a perfect host.

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