Sila Ale’s gift on Raju Pariyar’s birthday

Folk singer Raju Pariyar has celebrated his birth by cutting a cake with Sila Ale. At one time, Sila Ale and Raju Pariyar’s folk song was very popular. After many years, Raju Pariyar and Sila Ale have sung together again. Sila Ale had been living abroad for a long time. With her return to Nepal, she has started to reach the double zone. Raju and Silla are singing live. Raju is very happy to celebrate his birthday in Corona Kahar.

Raju Pariyar addresses Sila Ale as Didi. The song sung with Sila has become very popular. On the occasion of his birthday, Raju remembers all the characters who helped him move forward in his field of double singing. He also thanked his parents for giving birth to him.
Sila Ale and Raju never remembered celebrating their birthdays for about five years, she said. At that time, it was not customary to celebrate birthdays as it is now. He says that there is no tradition of cake in Nepal. So even though he knew it was his birthday, he didn’t care much. Some programs used to be on the day of birth. But Raju and Sila laugh saying that they didn’t even notice that they had happy birthday.

Raju says that he needs to adapt to the times and circumstances. Sila said that it was probably the first time since she got acquainted with Raju that she celebrated her birthday by cutting a cake. Many like Raju and Sila’s songs. But so far, Raju and Sila have not even connected on the social network Facebook, said Sila. In response, Raju said that he would not make friends with his close relatives on Facebook. Raju is very close to the audience. Sila, on the other hand, has the right to speak. That is why he says that he did not become friends with Silas on Facebook.
Raju said that it was Sila who offered him the plane for the first time. Raju first visited Bahrain in 2002. According to Raju, the arrangement of the trip was made by Sila. He remembered that when he boarded the plane for the first time, he tried to eat by remembering the handkerchief cake given to him to wipe his face.

Sarangi Sansar had arranged to celebrate Raju’s birthday. Many media outlets were present in the world on the occasion of his birthday. Sila Ale was the first to reach the world of the fiddle. Sarangi Sansar also expressed happiness over the arrival of Sila Ale. Raju’s birthday has been celebrated with great pomp and ceremony organized by Sarangi Sansar.

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