Singer Alif Khan has revealed the reason for giving up his own repetitive

Viral singer Alif Khan, who has not been seen in a live rehearsal for two or three months, has revealed that he has opened a new recorded rehearsal with two of his friends. He said that now other people can come here and record and sing Nepali songs. He said that he has opened a studio in Balaju, Kathmandu, for recording and live streaming of his youtube Facebook and for new talented brothers and sisters.

With no money to invest, Abdul says he spends most of his time earning a living on his father’s idea. Abdul has said that they keep singing while they are working or in other places. Abdul has said that he has been leading his life since he was young. Alif said that he had struggled in the area of ​​Lok Dohori for 12-13 years carrying stones and ballast and after that he was relieved. Alif says that some people think that this person has become embarrassed after coming to Lok Dohori area and many people think that he should be destroyed.

Alif says that the man who used to blow his ear to increase the view when there was no folk rehearsal yesterday, became angry after singing alone today. Although people have moved forward because of their hard work, some people have a tendency to amputate their legs. Alif says that even though he doesn’t play his songs, he is now mature enough to make a living by choosing the technical side.

In today’s environment, there are very few people who do not listen to folk doubles. People living in the country and abroad tend to like folk doubles very much. Lok Dohori has become a means for people to see and show the talent within the artist. The team, which is not only entertaining the people but also saving the old religion and culture, is in the hearts of Ango Nepalis.

People are forgetting their culture, while the new foreign culture is moving towards modernity, they are instructing all the related fields to move in the right direction by saving the old culture. Dohari, which has become a means of entertainment to the common man, has also had the effect of sending a positive message. People are indulging in their own selfish interests. People live for themselves and for others, no matter what they call themselves right or wrong, when they play on the feelings of others, it hurts everyone.

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