Singer Arjun Khadka and Anuja Pudasaini got married

Popular singer Arjun Khadka has tied the knot with singer Anuja Pudasheni on April 30.
Although a restraining order was issued in the Kathmandu Valley due to Corona, the couple’s
devotion was not affected. To some extent, relatives and friends are not invited to attend the
wedding. But the couple are determined to start a new chapter in life with the new year.
Rehearsals Arjun and Anuja did not stop singing rehearsals even on their wedding day. Arjun
and Anuja, who are dressed as brides and grooms, have a happy look on their faces. On the day
of the wedding, the singer also revealed how her love started.

Arjun, who has been involved in doubles before Anuja, is also the eldest. In fact, he said that
Anuja’s voice, which came close to Arjun after listening to Arjun’s song, made him feel a kind of
fascination. Anuja had called after listening to Arjun’s song. At that time, Anuja was a fan of
Arjun. When Anuja called and sang the song, Arjun liked Anuja’s voice. He said that he was
close to the idea that such a sweet voice should be given a place while this series was going on.
Thus, Arjun was close to his fan Anuja with some love. As a result, today the couple are married,
promising to live close to each other.
The couple, who tied the knot during the Corona outbreak, lamented the inability of their well-
wishers and relatives to join in the festivities. He said that many friends and relatives could not
get the blessings due to the lockdown. If the risk of corona infection is low, the couple is
thinking of sharing the joy of marriage with friends in the double zone.
Arjun said that after many years of acquaintance, they got married of their own choice and this
marriage made them happier. He expressed confidence that the upcoming journey will be easier
as they know each other’s choices and habits. Arjun was very interesting about Lagan’s grandson
leaving home on the wedding day. The couple, who often spend time together at work, praised
each other by the nickname King and Queen on their wedding day. Anuja said that she was a
little ashamed and a little scared when she saw Arjun today. Arjun said that now more
responsibility has fallen on his shoulders. Arjun said that he will continue his efforts to keep
Anuja and her family happy.
Newlyweds Arjun and Anuja, who are married, said that they plan to enter the music industry in
the coming days as well. Enjoying the musical atmosphere, the couple has dreamed of making
their future bright in this field.

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