Singer arrives at Suman Thapa’s house,sister sweet voice.

Sister Laxmi and brother-in-law and mother from Syangja Chapakot Municipality, the home of famous Nepali folk singer Suman Thapa, have sung sweet songs while talking to Kamal Sargam in Laligurash Daily. Although Suman’s parents live in Syangja, her sister-in-law has struggled in Kathmandu, she said. Although Suman said that she would get married if she found someone who would understand her, Laxmi said that she did not think about marriage right now as she was also struggling. Suman said that her mother loves to sing, she used to make people laugh by doing comedy in various things in the interview.

Suman’s mother said that she was happy that her children were making progress in life and working to make a name for themselves. No one knows what happens in people’s tongues, people are coming up with their own footsteps in daily life. People are chasing their goals, life is so full of struggles, no one has time to fill their stomachs at once. No one knows when and where the moments of human struggle will take you. What happens in life when a person is on the verge of death.

Singer Saktimi, who came out to enjoy the Bada Dasai without singing the song, said that she was still scared because of the sudden accident on the day of Saktimi. No one could have imagined that Hideki would get such a big hit on the tongue of a singer who would be honored at one event with Lok Swar Samrat Raju Parichar and keep another certificate at home. Little did anyone know that a man walking down the aisle was hit by a motorcycle coming from behind and had to be admitted to the hospital.

The song, which is being discussed in the market, has been voiced in many songs, including “There is a curtain on the window”. The heroine says that she was scared when the doctor told her to take her out for treatment even though she was rushed to the hospital. He was later taken to Kritipur for further treatment after receiving a phone call from a family member at the hospital.

An artist needs his talent, face, behavior, manners, personality as well, so he needed good treatment. People must have been hit from behind while driving while intoxicated during Dasai Tihar. Famous singer Suman Thapa Magar, who has reached the point of survival or death, says that her health has improved now. Facing happiness and sorrow in her life, the singer, who has moved forward, says that a new album is coming to the market even after Yash. She said that she did not know that her body was amputated at the time of the accident and her limbs were broken when she did not work. She says that the relatives of all the spectators got a lot of love and comfort when she was injured.

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