Singer Badri Pangeni

Famous singers Badri Pangeni and Sindhu Malla, who are enjoying in the field of Nepali song music, have laughed at the shooting of Tij Git in the voice of the singer. Artists who have made their mark in the field of Nepali song and music, as the great festival of Nepali women is fast approaching, are busy preparing to release music videos. The artist, who has reached the pinnacle of success with one song after another, is now working hard to make his new project a success.

According to Sindhu and Badri, the third part of Devar Bhauju Git, which was released a long time ago, is now being prepared for release on the occasion of Tij. The song shows the brother-in-law and sister-in-law getting married in the third part, even though the brother-in-law is going to Maiti during the festival, from the brother-in-law giving Koseli to Sali, to attracting her to him, even to the point of marriage. At a time when brothers and sisters-in-law have a good rapport at home, the sister is found talking to the brother-in-law.

Artists like Sindhu Malla, Badri Pangeni, Supreme Malla, Nibinita, Puja Sapkota and others have played an important role in the song. Badri said that even though the first part of CRBT was released, now he is afraid that it will be suitable or not for him to get married as per the story. Although Sindhu shows her daughter-in-law suffering in most of the houses, the song shows that many of her daughters-in-law are also happy.

Badri said that he is very happy to work with a father like Talent Supreme. Supreme said that he is very happy to work with senior artists. Singer Sindhu Malla, who has been struggling in the field of Nepali song music for a long time, is getting success in one song after another, to be a singer in the hearts of the audience. She said it was very easy to get close to the audience with her talent. Although Sindhu used to sing along with her sister, she said that she had not seen her sister as she had not been to the area before.

Badri Pangeni, known as a public singer, has come up with more and more songs to highlight the problems of the people. Badri, who enjoys the field of secret music, said that he is always looking forward to contribute something for the nation. He said that it would be better to remove the bad trend that has come in the market in recent times and remove the songs that reflect our society and culture. Badri said that when he was about to marry a girl like his daughter, he told her not to do it.

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