Singer Devi Gharti and Raju Dhakal offend towards media in Sachin Pariyar dispute

Popular folk singers Devi Gharti Magar and Raju Dhakal have expressed their indignation towards the media over the recent controversy over Sachin Pariyar. The media has expressed indignation over the special role played by the husband and wife and the misrepresentation by the media.

Raju Dhakal has been indignant saying that it is an act of making money by misusing the thinking of the children by asking the family and keeping various children. Some time ago, Sachin Pariyar went viral from the media.Tendulkar did not grow up, but his thinking is much better. There is talk all over the world about his talent and even against Sachin’s family.

The word “k ccha hajur” has caused a lot of controversy, which has caused Sachin Pariyar to go viral. The audience’s attitude towards his father is serious after he was brought here. Nowdays, he is living in Kathmandu with his father Tejendra. He entertaints many audiences of Nepal who live in Nepal and international world. This bring the laughter in our face. The audiences really enjoy the talking style of sachin. In one interview sachin said that he has a aim of being singer and comedian in future. He also does good comedy and dance. He was welcomed in different program show including Indreni, Kaulibudi show and many more. He had also played many music videos as a child artist of the play.

Many YouTube journalist went to Gulmi district to take the interview of Sachin. While visting his house, they found that the condition of Sachin pariyar is so miserable. Its been difficult even to get food for his family. Sachin is from poor family of Gulmi district. It became difficult to get good food, good education and clothes. By seeing his such a poor condition, many peoples who are economically bit better are helping the Sachin for his good career. Many peoples are providing money for him for his good education and good career in future. Many Nepalese want to see him as a good actor, comedian and singer in a near future. He had got a chance to play in many music videos along with the famous actor of Nepal “Rajesh Hamal”. Rajesh Hamal praises the talent of Sachin and love his talking way. His face expression, dance, song, singing way, talking style are really awesome and liked by many audiences nationally and internationally.

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