Singer Dhiraj Rai’s wife and daughter sing equally well.

Singer Dhiraj Rai’s wife and daughter are equally skilled in singing, although it is common for a daughter who sings in a melodious voice to take up music, her father being a singer has made it very easy for her. He said that everyone sings sweet songs at home and they enjoy themselves. He said that since Milan is a family, it is easy for everyone to move forward with their lives.

After a long time, popular singer and social activist Dhiraj Rai has come to the media to introduce his family, and has made a special discussion about his music and recent life. Dhiraj’s wife Bhavna Rana Magar has said that she is currently working in the family profession office, while her 5-year-old daughter Dhichuma Rai has said that she is studying at school. Rai said that after receiving the Nepal Fashion Entertainment Award, he came out with his family after a long time as he met and introduced himself to various media friends including his family.

He said that when the campaign that Buddha was born in Nepal was about to start, many people responded that why did they leave the song and sangeet, but gradually people understood that now people have started to have a positive opinion. He said that in the beginning, many people looked at him negatively, but now, as people understand him, he has support from many people. He said that his day was special when the journey that started with one person today has reached millions, and after waking up the positive feelings of many people, he is getting respect.

She said that everyone came here to share happiness with her family and she was happy that she was about to receive the honor. Although Bhavna wants to watch her husband’s programs together, she said that she is very happy to be together in some programs even though she does not have time to watch them due to office work and various reasons. Dhiraj has said that before any of his songs are released in the market, the audience listens to the song first, while Bhavna has said that after the release of the song, he does not listen to it in such a large amount.

Bhavna has said that after the two met in Birganj during Dhiraj’s program while working on television, their relationship has improved. Dhiraj said that after listening to his interview in a program, they became close, that meeting has now prevented him from getting married. Bhavna will run the program with everyone, although he did not say much, Dhiraj said that he made the proposal first.

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