Singer Elena Chauhan is also in love. Who is the boyfriend

Singers Kiran Bhujel and Alina Chauhan, who have been enjoying music for a long time, are found to be the best in the studio. Since they travel together most of the time wherever they go, rumors of their love are coming to the market more and more. Elena said that because they are close, she has seen more photos. Elena said that it is not appropriate to reveal her name as she is not dependent on love at the moment.

Elena has said that she has been fasting since she was a child as she is a big devotee of Lord Shiva. When it comes to the field of art, this person is straightforward, he doesn’t have to suffer from this, he has to face a lot of bad behavior from people, so he has to improve his habits at every moment, said Elena. He said that he is very happy to be a brand educationist of Ajay Education Consultancy. Second runner of Nepal Idol Season 3 Kiran Bhujel got married to Janisa Adhikari 1.5 months ago, who has been in love for a long time. There were obstacles in the marriage bond.

Janisa says she didn’t know that her husband was singing and found out after she went to Nepal Idol. The couple, who have gone through various struggles in their lives, now say that they are very happy with each other. Alina Chahan and Kiran Bhujel, who have been doing well in stage studios lately, have released a new song, Kali Gaye Gori Aayech.

Earlier, the couple was seen playing the role of a couple in Tiktak. After the two got married, the audience hurled insults at them. Adhikari admits that he got married without knowing the date of his marriage. People struggle a lot in life but no one can achieve success. Some people achieve success quickly even by doing simple work. People are constantly struggling in their lives. Have done

The songs sung by Bhujel are very much liked by the audience. The songs sung by him are being recorded one after the other. People make their steps successful by playing with various struggles in life. Kiran says that she suffered a lot in the early days to keep her actions successful. He says that he is very happy to have reached here by struggling with small things in his life. After recording the first song, he cried a lot when he returned home. He said that he failed because he couldn’t do anything with his mother at home. He says that some of the energy has increased in him. He says that people have to struggle from a young age in the beginning and move forward. Kiran stage and studio are just as important as having fun with the audience.

She says that she is happy that her songs reach the audience wherever she is in the studio or on the stage. He is a successful artist who enjoys all the joys and sorrows in his life and makes others laugh. The songs he sings are very popular now. Every conspiracy in the country needs an artist. Artists are leading everything. Everyone listens to what artists say. Some artists are not involved in any other field in their life. They tend to be the best.

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