Singer Indira Joshi introduced her husband

Singer Indira Joshi and designer Sarad Kedia, who came into the limelight with their love proposal some time ago, have come to the media after a long time of getting married. He said that Indira is very happy to have a husband who supports her in all areas and cares more than she thought. Sarad has said that she has changed a lot after marriage, people are taking pictures even when they look at her on the road.

Indira has said that when Sarad proposed to her when pilot Bibek made Tik Tok, many people associated their names with him. Although she will make the song public after the marriage, she has said that she got married suddenly due to some family reasons. Indira Joshi, who was born and brought up in a landlord’s family in Parasi Bazar of Nawalparasi, said that whenever she is in the village, she takes part in all the events that take place there, so she enjoys it a lot. She has said that she has changed a lot since she could not dance and sing like the daughters of a big house, she got up from the place of what will happen to her honor, and reached the present environment.

She said that a friend of hers met her husband and maintained an unexpected relationship. He said that he was not thinking of getting married from the beginning because he planned to get married in 15 days, and he could not invite all his friends and family members. Famous singer, model, and composer Indreni Joshi’s song named “Pachheuri” has come in the market, the said song is performed by Nirajan Poudel.mIn the life of a woman, it is necessary to run away in winter, to work in marriage, to hide when it rains, to cover up when one is ashamed.

Indira has said that she is not planning for her honeymoon now, she will go wherever her husband takes her. Singer Indira Joshi has shared two photos as husband and wife. Only family members and close friends were invited to the wedding held at Barahi Jungle Lodge in Chitwan. Indira has said that her friends were very supportive of your marriage with Sarad, but now that you have moved to a new place, buying even the most minor things together has become a fun life. Sarad is a member of the Kedia group of business houses, he wants to be known as a fashion designer. Kedia Group initially used to supply clothes, but now they have started working in many areas.

Now Sarad is running a fashion designer in Naxal, but they also met during the designer. Indira has shared the first photo that was taken, a photo of Holi. She said that Kedia became her boyfriend only 8 months ago today. Indira and Kedia both got tattooed some time ago. Famous singer Indira Joshi has informed through social media that she is going to get married on Tuesday 31st June.Joshi, who has played an important role in improving the lives of many talents by sitting as a judge in various self-shows, is going to marry her boyfriend Sarad Kedia.

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