Singer Janaki Tarami Magar was strained by a couplet because of back pain

Janaki Tarami Magar, a popular singer who has been constantly promoting her talents in the folk music field since a decade ago, has come to the media for the first time with her family. Her back hurt and killed her, she has given her voice in songs till Pani Puri. Magar, who has given dozens of hit songs in the market, was now confused by the words of a live song. Earlier singers used to record songs, but now they are in the field of live dubbing.

Magar said that after she started singing live repeats that she should sing all kinds of songs after becoming a singer, after seeing a 15-second Tiktok video without watching the whole repeat, people started insulting her with negative comments. She has said that artists who have the habit of cutting the legs of people who are going to move forward have created a difference and it will not affect their life. She said that people should play an important role for social change.

It is said that Januka checked Bhagwan’s mobile and did not see a different message on his mobile than what she thought. She says that there is no such business now due to Lord Lockdown and Corona in the hotel business. After Surkhet’s Janaki and Gorkha’s god get married, they say they are happy. God says that after marriage, even when you go out, you miss home, you will not be as free as before.

God says that if there is a program, Janaki will earn, if not, he will earn. He said that when two people work together, they will be very happy in life. Bhagwan says that even though Bhagwan does not call and disturb when he goes to work, Janiki calls and bothers him even though he is a little late. She says that her daughter has been interested in singing songs since she was young and used to sing many songs by heart. She says that since all the people in Bhagwan’s house, who have inter-caste marriages, understand, everything is fine.

She says that even though she got married in Kathmandu, she later got married with great pomp at home. She said that even if there is an inter-caste marriage, there is no difference if there is an understanding person at home. He says that he was very happy when he got married three times in different ways in his life. Even though we married together in the family, she says that some outsiders hurt her heart a lot when they talk to her. She said that since husband and wife work together and there is a perfect harmony between the two people, she does not feel hurt when the two outsiders interrupt.

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