Singer Madhu Chhetri got married to a foreigner

Madhu Chhetri’s life has taken a new turn, the singer of the famous song ‘Soche Jhain Zindagi Rainch’ was released two years ago, and Madhu had a court marriage with her boyfriend living in Australia a few days ago without any ceremony.  After divorcing her first husband, Madhu, who has been living a single life, got married for the second time.  Although Madhu has a 17-year-old daughter, she is ready to go to Australia soon and live a happy life with her husband.

The very famous song ‘Soche Jhain Zindagi Rainch’ was not able to celebrate Teej due to the coronavirus infection.  At the same time, it was brought to the market, “Life is not what you think it is.”  It had been more than a decade since Madhu started struggling to stay in the music field in the capital, but the song ‘Soche Chein Zindagi Rainch’ was the turning point in her life.  The words of the song he sang were similar to his life.

Born in 2047 in Chaumala of Kailali, Chhetri spent her childhood in Chaumala.  Since her childhood, she used to sing Thadi Bhaka, and Deuda songs and participated in various musical programs, competitions, and school-level competitions in the village.  There were few who dared to compete with Madhu, who never came second in various competitions held at the local level.

Even though various accusations were made in the field of Nepali folk music, singer Madhu Chhetri, who was determined to do something in the field of music, now says that she is trying to come out of that field by remembering the pains she has caused in music.  Madhu, who was born in Dhangadhi in the far west, said that she had to suffer many hardships after joining the music field.  She said that after the school was closed, she sent her daughter home and prepared for her brother’s marriage in a few days while she was alone.

Madhu, who has not been seen in the live duo and music field for some time, said that she tried to stay away from the music field because of the bad reputation in that field, and the tendency of people to cut off her legs.  Looking from the outside, there is no pain in the life of a person who entertains others, a person who is always entertaining people, thinking how happy life is, in reality, many pains and sufferings are hidden in the life of a person when his person is working, he gets a bad reaction from the society.  Then, even though he loves that area, he wants to leave that area.

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