singer Mansingh Khadka

Singer Mansingh Khadka, who has made a name for himself by constantly struggling in the field of Nepali folklore, says that there is a lot of pain in his life from the inside. When he brought a large sum of money from home to go abroad, after all the money was eaten by his friend, he says that he is broken.

Every human being has his or her own kind of suffering, which has been tormenting human beings, by collaborating with singers and elders who have been left behind at a young age, who have made their own identity and have enjoyed the birthday of singer Mansingh Khadka. . Mansingh said that he was happy to plant trees on the occasion of his birthday.

He says that Mansingh, who came to Kathmandu to go abroad from home, even though he got a Saudi visa, did not get a visa. After living in Kathmandu for a year without any success, he said that he was happy that someone would bring him to the program in the United States. After being invited to the event, Mansingh said that he and a friend had prepared for the flight from Nepal to the Philippines. Mansingh says that his dream of going to America has sunk so much.

Mansingh says that even though he felt comfortable after returning from abroad, working hard and working day and night with the advice of his family, he still could not escape from meeting his friend. Mamsing says that he will go to the United States with the things he has added. On the occasion of his birthday, Mansingh became emotional, remembering the pain he had suffered in the past.

Mansingh said that it was even more fun to bake a cake in the evening of Karmathalo Dohori as it was his birthday with Holly. Mansingh said that his parents sent him to Kathmandu as a well-educated son from home. Manisang, who came to Kathmandu to tell his parents, says that he came to Kathmandu to become an artist.

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