Singer Mausam Gurung, who gave Bishnu Majhi the first song, says in the media: Now she does not speak with us

Singer Mausam Gurung, who has been struggling in the field of Nepali music, says that he was forced to go abroad.  He has said that even though he first gave Bishnu Majhi, an expensive and popular singer of Nepal, to sing, now she does not speak to him.

He said that there is a lot of difference between the Bishnu Majhi of earlier and the Vishnu of today.  He said that he used to talk to him because they were close, but today he is not able to talk to or see him. Mausam  Gurung, who has made his name as a popular folk-double singer who is loved by everyone in Nepali music, says that he works hard to fulfill his desire to earn money quickly and live with his family in Japan, so they like him a lot.
 Maum said that the audience has liked the songs that are now in the market, and the earlier songs have also been liked by the audience so much that he is happy.  For the first time, Tiktok has received a lot of interest from the audience, and he has said that he is very happy when the audience gave a good response in a short time.
Gurung said that he is happy because the audience has given him so much love.  He said that now along with song music, a Japanese restaurant has also been put into operation.  He said that since he is making Japanese food, there are more Nepalis in the off-season but there are more Japanese in the season.

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