Singer Menuka Pariyar sent her mother to the ashram crying, not with her relatives.

After hearing the news that singer Menuka Pariyar had met her mother, she was happy and reached Kathmandu from Dhading. When her family situation is not good, her sisters and uncles are not at home with anyone, Menuka is crying and her mother is going to Menuka to meet her in the middle. She has been forced to live in an ashram again as she has not been able to get along with her children in life . After being hospitalized for a few days, he was discharged from the hospital after his recovery. After Menuka’s mother’s treatment, her health improved, and she would be better off living alone in her village home, she said, adding that she would not hurt her daughter so much. She says that it is better to be alone than to be with her husband. She said that after many reports were released by the hospital, she was given medicine for a month and sent to the hospital.

After her mother left her at the temple as a child, Menuka, who grew up in a hostel, met her birth mother. Now that Menuka is happy to see her mother after 16-17 years, she is very worried about how to manage it, as it will cost a lot to treat her. After a long time, Menuka cried when she saw her mother, but when she saw her daughters together in a critical situation, she was crying. Now, when the mother knows everyone, when she doesn’t know anyone, she is told by the menu that she will be treated for some time, but her husband also told her to bring her here for treatment. Chalyo Batas Git Ki Singer Menu Pariyar At Some Time To Be A Viral Singer, Her songs have reached the peak of discussion.

Menuka, who has made a name for herself in the field of song music, is an exemplary personality in the field of Nepali song music. She had left him without knowing what her mother was like. It has come out that Sitaram Pariyar, the artist of Indreni, brought Menuka Pariyar, she rescued her mother and reached Menuka’s sister. Menuka, who has been living in Udaipur after getting married, said that she was coming to Kathmandu to visit her birth mother after hearing the news that she had met her mother. Menika told Kamal Sargam over the phone that she would like to thank him from the bottom of her heart as she and other media people have been helping her in finding her mother for a long time.

Although Menuka tried hard to find her mother, when she couldn’t find her, she sang a very emotional rehearsal in Indreni and expressed her heartache. After Menuka’s rehearsal, many viewers were interested to see Menuka’s mother, how and when they met Menuka’s mother. Sitaram said that he had called Indreni in the morning after receiving the news that Menuka’s mother had been found. Sitaram has not been able to share his happy and sad tears with his happy mother since last year.

He said that the people of Kanlaki had seen her before but did not know that she was the mother of the singer. Sitaram said that his mother had not eaten anything for 6-7 days and he could not speak for a long time. After feeding him, Sitaram said that he did not know Nai more than he knew your daughter Menuka and he knew his eldest daughter Kali. Siraram has said that even though he lived with his elder sister till 2071 BS, he has not been seen since then. He said that his mother had left him to stay in the temple when he was 7 years old and he had not met her since then. From there, the organization helped to set up the hostel, and later brought it home after the sisters found out.

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