Singer Nalina Chitrakar introducing her young son for the first time in the media.

Nalina Chitrakar, who has made her name in the field of Nepali song music in a different way, introduced her young son Saxam Chitrakar for the first time, talked about what has happened in her life and how to move her life forward in the days to come. She has been living in the US for a long time and sometimes comes to Nepal, enjoys Nepali songs and has said that she has a lot of love for Nepal.

Sanksham has said that he is currently pursuing his studies and will study computer science in the future, and sometimes he sings and plays songs. He said that since Nalina was his only son, he worked hard to make him a good son. She said that since her own family lives together in America, everyone is happy and together. Although Nalina seems to have worked only in one job, the son and father are devoted to everything.

Sanksham has said that although his parents are important to him, he gets a different kind of love from them. Nalina said that the whole family enjoys entertainment even in small matters in the family, even though her son is growing up, he sometimes does not agree to things. He said that even if the husband and wife have a disagreement over a small matter, the son tends to the mother. He said that even if everyone in Nepal is black, his name is powerful.

Nalima has said that her son is capable even though she sometimes moves her children around. Sanksham said that since his parents used to sing songs, that also drew him towards song music. Nalima has said that she is very happy when she plays her song on the piano, and her son also teaches her to sing like this. Nalima has said that since the love of her son and husband is very dear, they live in contact and work hard to live their lives happily.

Since he grew up in his mother’s arms from a young age, he said that his mother was his best friend and he used to share his various things with his girlfriend. He said that since the mother and son are very compatible, Sanksham’s friend told him what kind of family your parents are. Mother said that although Geet Sangeet is very bhabuk, romantic, father is rock romantic. He said that he is teaching good manners to his son. Although the mother does not give that much money, the father has said that he gives more money to him.

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