Singer Prabisha getting married her boyfriend living in the US this November

Prabisa Adhikari, who has been making strides in Nepali song music for a long time, is now getting married. She has given her voice in many movie songs.  Love is living. Human beings are doing things in life without seeing much. Technology has brought even the most distant things closer. Because of this, people from seven seas have been brought closer. In life, a person falls in love with someone once.  Man’s life is so full of struggles that he is constantly moving forward on a daily basis.

Prabisa Adhikari, who is getting married this December, posted a photo with her brother a year ago and posted that she would do the same if she got married. Her boyfriend had been living in US for a long time. They met in Kathmandu after falling in love for the first time.  The couple, who came to Nepal for the wedding, are now in Jhapa. They were made close by technology and fell in love.

The couple, who have been in a relationship for a long time, had never met before.  Some people have ruined their lives and some of them have made their future. Online has become such a process that now it has become a tear for some people.  They are flooding in knots.

Prabhisha, who has given voice to many songs, is popular even though she is not known as a singer. She is a rich man with one voice.  She is a successful artist who has spent more than a decade in songwriting. Many people have entered the field after listening to her songs.  .

Prabisa Adhikari, who is well-known in the country and abroad from The Voice Kids, had a long-term love affair with Nirman.  However, she is not well known to the audience. She has sung the title song of Rekha Thapa’s Malati Ko Bhatti and even Manjali’s song.  Although not possible, The Voice of Kids has identified her as a singer.

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