Singer samiksha adhikari says – ‘Help as much as you can, peace is in this’

The singer samiksha said that peace has been achieved by distributing fruits to the needy. Saying that service is religion, she shared the video of her support on social media. And, if possible, she has asked others to achieve peace by helping others.

Service is religion. “Help the helpless,” she said, “Peace lies in this.” Adhikari, a singer who has received various insults and accusations on social media, has also said that if you can’t help others, don’t hate them.

She has mentioned that if she is not accepted when she abuses and abuses others, that word will come back to her. If you can’t help, don’t hate, don’t promise. If he does not accept when he makes promises to others, speaks bad words, insults, all those words are for himself,” she said.

Due to ups and downs in her personal life, she was inactive in the online world after negative criticism started pouring in on social media. But now she is slowly returning to social media and singing.

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