Singer SAMIKSHYA ADHIKARI in media for the first time since the conflict

The songs sung by the singer review officer after ‘Childhood Age’, ‘Maya Marer’, ‘Adhi Kapal’, ‘Naboli Naboli’, ‘Pachauri Liisyo’ are popular. There are many connoisseurs of his voice. The name of the review has been associated with Paul for some months now. Watch today’s conversation video:

The review officer, who became a singer at an early age, has been in the news lately due to her controversy with Pal Shah. Both of them did not speak clearly on the issue and various comments were being made in the media. Another protagonist and actor Pal Shah has also remained silent while the review shows his childhood saying that the things in my status are not true.

The discussion and success gained by the review is enviable. There are many connoisseurs of his voice. Singer Adhikari had said that she would bring out the real reality of her relationship with actor Pal Shah. “I’m not going to say anything long,” she said in a post with status on October 24, 2021. This status written on my Facebook on October 24, 2021 is far from reality. Which I wrote at the persuasion of someone.

Now the time is coming, I am revealing the reality. ‘ Of course, the singer has been saying that she wants to be an actress. In an online conversation, she said that in the next 4 to 5 years, she has made up her mind to act in a movie.

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