Singer Sanjay Shrestha is confident that the monarchy will return soon

With the spread of corona infection, Nepal is on the verge of collapse. In this situation, all Nepalis are locked inside the house. Every area is at a standstill. Lockdown has also left a void in the music industry. Here is a conversation with singer Sanjay Shrestha about the activities he is doing while hanging out and his musical journey.

Sanjay Shrestha was once known as a very famous singer. Even after many years, his song is still very much liked by the audience. Established as the main vocalist of Crossroad Wand, he gave many popular songs. He brought songs like Maya Meri, Maya, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen to the Nepali music market.

During Corona’s time, Shrestha is simply living his life. He says Corona’s fears are frightening as the country’s healthcare situation is so fragile. Lately, he has been working in the field of song and music by setting up a studio. He is bringing back the old songs of the singer by remixing and also bringing new songs from time to time. He said that he has also started releasing his songs to the younger generation through Tiktak. For the new generation, he says, it’s like a comeback. This practice, which started as a wand after he got involved in this field, is now becoming very popular for the new generation. Many have told stories to enter the music industry through Wand.

He said that he was happy that the new generation started following this practice. The practice of freezing old singers has increased with many foreign trips. But he said he never wanted to go abroad. He thinks that it would be better to earn a few thousand rupees in Nepal than to earn millions abroad.

He considers himself a creator. He is spreading his creations in various genres. Background music, advertisements, more than three thousand jingles have been made. Therefore, he thinks that the audience should be known as the creator or the singer.

Maya Meri Maya is a very popular song when we meet. This song helped him to become known in the music industry. He says that the songs of the tragedy type will easily touch the hearts of the listeners.

He has spoken openly about the changes taking place in the political arena in the country. He has been openly and formally involved in the political arena since 2070 BS. He believes in monarchy. He says that monarchy will return to Nepal. He is confident that the monarchy will return in the next few years. He says it is more appropriate for a lion to rule than for a federalism to invite thousands of wolves by removing one lion.

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