Singer Sanju Moktan’s visit to Voice of Nepal

There is a lot of talk about Sanju Moktan who dropped out of the battle round of the popular
show Voice of Nepal. Millions of fans have started following him. Even though he is out of
Voice of Nepal, millions of fans have liked his talent. Today we have linked the conversation
with Sanju.

Sanju is currently singing in Lafa Band. She has been singing in various pop restaurants and has
been traveling with Lafa Band. This band has made her more comfortable in her musical
journey. Sanju’s talent for sweet voice is also making her journey smooth. By nature, she speaks
very openly, laughs and has fun. She says that even in her childhood, she has more qualities in
her son than in her daughter. In this way, she has shared a memory of her childhood. While she
was in class 2, she was the captain of the class. At the same time, a friend teased him. In a fit of
rage, she recounts an amusing incident in which a friend was hit on the nose by a scale in front of
her. She says that because she was a topper in the class, the incident did not hurt her at school.
The friend with whom the incident took place is still meeting Sanju. Her family consists of her
parents, sister and Sanju.

He says that his family is very happy with his participation in Voice of Nepal. She said that her
sister Manju Moktan was the first step in her musical journey. Singing along with her sister when
she was young, she has finally made music her career journey. She said that she was supported to
move forward by participating in Voice of Nepal. Earlier, she was limited to Lafa Band, but after
participating in Voice of Nepal, she has become known in the country and abroad. He is also
liked by many because of his unique voice. He feels that the journey of voice has taught him a
lot. Singing in pop and restaurants, she has learned a lot while singing on a national level stage
and has the experience of becoming more and more a platform for the days to come.
Sanju doesn’t think she has to win when she participates in any competition. Out of the battle
round of Voice, she said that she was under mental stress for some time. She said that she was
mentally stressed for some time as the things of the past kept coming to her eyes but now she is
fine.Sanju, who left Voice, has now quickly recorded a song in her own voice, and she is confident that her fans will love her song.

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