Singer Shanti Shree Pariyar for the first time in the media with her husband and daughter

The songs of Santi Shree Pariyar, the most popular singer in Nepali folk music, make people happy. Pariyar, who has been making a name for herself in the field of art for a long time, has gone to an ashram to celebrate the birth of her daughter. In order to inculcate the habit of eating with each other in children from an early age, she has spent the birth of her daughter with her family in the ashram run by Sreesanth.

Santi Shree Pariyar, who has become popular in the field of Nepali Lok Dohari, has won the hearts of millions of listeners. After one of the best performers on the stage stage, another Gitahari is reaching the club of crores. Santi Shri Pariyar, who walks with the help of the right hand, helping the left hand not to know, says that from a young age, people should work together in the society, to develop the habit of continuous work. Pariyar, who was first seen in the media from an ashram with her husband and daughter, thanked Sreesanth for helping people.

She said that she was very happy to be able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday in the holy land as her husband did not celebrate anyone’s birthday like this in his house. He said that he was happy to celebrate his birthday for the first time in this way. She said that Santi Shri Pariyar wanted to do it as much as she could, but she could not do it due to time constraints.

She said that she has decided to spend her birthday in the ashram on the advice of her family so that she can cultivate her culture in the future. She said that even if a person has a goat with him, he has decided to spend it in the ashram to give birth to a daughter for the development of the culture of flooding. While living in the music field, the family would have been able to play with their daughter, but due to the love of the audience, they have given the same amount of time to work.

He said that he was able to celebrate his daughter Sribindu’s birthday while the husband and wife were having a good time. The couple said that when they got to celebrate their daughter’s birthday, the mother thought that she would celebrate her birthday in the same way. She said that even though she did not have any children, she was happy to be with many children, old and helpless people, and she still felt the lack of children. Although Santi told Pariyar not to tell the media, Shreesneha herself told the media. While fighting her own songs, she said that she would feel better if the songs came after a long time. He said that even though Santi’s husband Pariyar’s husband writes songs, he does not come to sing songs.

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