Singer Sirju Adhikari did not get married, her husband did not raise his arms.

Popular singer Sirju Adhikari has tied the knot with Garin NGO consultancy Subash Karki. In recent times, there is a trend of getting married by artists, Sirju also got married without informing her friends. Subas Karki, who lives in Budhanilkanth, Kathmandu, is a person outside the art field, his family members got married in a gathering of two or four friends.

A month ago, a week’s acquaintance prevented him from getting married. Lokdohari Gayima, who has been associated with the Nepali Kalakarita sector for a long time, is a model Sirju Adhikari. Since Kalakars are not getting good exposure in Nepal now, even for the future of children, when they are about to go abroad, people who love Nepali song music and enter this field are increasing day by day. A person born in West Dang, Kalakar Sirju, who has been creating songs from the East, listens to songs from different places, Bhasa, Veg, he said that he used to listen to songs from all regions.

She said that since the singers do not belong to any caste, religion, culture, black people should apply in all fields. She said that she was loved by all the people because she sings songs from Pal, Akas, Tika Sanu, Maxam, Sirju of the district where she was born. She said that she is happy after the good response in the market. Singer Sirju, who is very interested in songs, music and acting from a young age, has said that she is seen in the songs she has created to complete her career.

Korana said that although the lockdown has affected the entire region, it has also left the black people far behind. In the situation where Dohri Geet did not reach the multi-crore club, she has said that she has played her role by entering this field with Ricks. She said that in order for people to save their honor and live, many black people had to leave the country and go abroad. She said that there is still a tendency in the society to make a small mistake of a girl and to make a big mistake of a boy a small one. She said that the difference between children is still alive in the society.

Sirju, who entered the Kalakarita field from modeling, later said that her interest in the singing field also gradually increased. Sirju said that since the area of ​​Nepali Kalakarita is small, the well-established Kalakaritas have to leave the country. Recently, even the Kalakaritas who have done well, even though they want to stay and do something in their country, are forced to go abroad. It seems that the newcomers who have come to the new market will find it difficult at first, and then they will have to struggle to organize their lives.

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