Singer Tika Sanu, Narayan Rayamazhi together started a organization for the poor, says: Don’t let them die of hunger.

Isa Foundation, which has been supporting various suffering people and organizations, has opened its official page. Isa Gurung, senior singer, film director Narayan Rayamazhi, Savi Thapa, Tika Sanu, etc., have been connected to the foundation, said that the account has been opened to keep various activities of their organization. People from all over the country are connected with this organization, and famous people who have created a clean image are connected with this organization.

In the current situation of Nepal, she has been working for human rights and established the Nepal Snehi Kakh organization so that no woman should walk on the streets without losing her human dignity. She has been running the organization without foreign support. . Pokharel, who takes pleasure in undressing, undressing her body, whatever she wants to talk about, treating people who are enjoying themselves regardless of the society, helping them to walk on a positive path in the society, is not only a savior for women but also for men. She has been treated.

In the situation where the problem of women is in the world, now most of the people are showing the weakness of others, showing that they are going to eat after earning money, she said that it is inhumane to bring money to Nepal and eat. She said that although it is difficult to forget the world, to show one’s past, to rescue them, but that hardship has given life to many people, she has said that she is happy. Now people are opening various organizations in Nepal, bringing in dollars from foreign donors in Nepal for the purpose of doing various activities, doing little work and eating it for NGOs, INGOs, due to which some people are also giving expression that they have defamed Nepali people.

It has been found that some NGOs have been running a business of making money from foreign donors in the name of human rights, exaggerating the situation in Nepal and exaggerating it. In recent times, it has been seen that Nepal and Nepali people have been harmed by bringing up similar incidents, showing various rules and laws, and taking money from foreigners. It seems that in the name of human rights, rent has been made to eat their earnings, and it is found that it is a kind of division in the society. In recent times in Nepal, there is a trend of raising a topic and discrediting it, then discussing it. Since there are both good and bad sectors in the government and non-government sector, it is not possible to say that the NGO has done good. If any incident is brought up by the NGO and there is a job of bringing in foreign dollars, it is said that action should be taken.

He said that if a person does any work for human welfare, he will not eat any dollar, if a person works to earn money, someone may have earned it. Srineha, who has been working in the field of human rights for a long time, is constantly engaged in rescuing and treating people who have lost their mental balance due to various reasons. Srineha, who has spent a long time in the field of human and human rights, is working with the aim of making Nepal where people with mental disorders are not found anywhere.

He said that even though people under 18 years of age are considered children in Nepal, it is wrong to grant citizenship at 16 years of age. He said that when people are skilled in all fields, there will be no more children. He said that in countries around the world, there are different types of age restrictions, because the same people are children and youth, and this causes some problems. Now, in the name of human rights, with the aim of protecting, promoting, utilizing and protecting various animal resources including human beings, differences are being created in many places even by opening various types of associations and NGOs

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