Singer Tika Sanu told her boyfriend for the first time from Chinese media, Basanta Biswakarma was ashamed.

There are a lot of people in Nepal who listen to folk songs. There are a lot of people in the market who earn their living by engaging in music.  But the state has not made proper arrangements for the artists. There are many artists in Nepal who make a living only by engaging in the music industry. Some have made their market better and some have lost their way.  Even some artists have suffered. Many artists say that they have not been able to escape from such incidents.

Sanu is one of the celebrities of Nepali song music who came into the limelight from the Indreni program recently. She was able to embrace this field in the early days due to many struggles in this field.  She tells me that in the early days I was reached by the financial and material support of many people. Every single song she sang is a double hit. She has been in the forefront in the field of doubles lately.
Lok Dohari is an art of expressing the emotions of the mind in the rhythmic words of a song.  There are many people who like Lok Dohari area as it is a medium. Brothers and sisters living abroad also listen to Lok Dohari to erase the memory of their family and relatives.  Is made.
She says that Basanta Biswakarma has an important role to play in bringing Tika Sanu to the Nepali market.  Tika Sanu says, “I have the support of many ordinary people to bring me here. I have always found the love and affection of all the citizens who have helped me to succeed in this field.”  Rakhu says.

Tika Sanu and Basanta Biswakarma say that we have love in a double way. They admit that they have a wonderful love for this couple.  Time takes people from one place to another at the same time. Artists who did not get a chance to sing doubles yesterday are now opening their own doubles.  Success can be achieved in a short period of time.

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