Singing on the same stage with Salman Khan, Shiva Pariyar says OH MY GOD.

Indian Bollywood star Salman Khan is coming to Nepal on May 28, he is going to come to Nepal and perform a grand program.   Shiva Pariyar said that even though he is a Machord, he would not be surprised to be called “O My God”. He said that famous Nepali artists would be present at the event to be held at Dasaratha Stadium.

Shiva Pariyar has said that he will sing two songs.  Pariyar Mato, who attended the announcement of My Voice Cuff USA and My Nitya Cup USA, will be the judge of Voice Cuff for the first time.  After winning the title by participating in the singing competition, Shiva Pariyar, who started his singing journey, is now becoming popular among the audience.  Khan, who has made a name for himself in the world, was supposed to come to Nepal four years ago, but was stopped after the program was postponed in the last phase.  Accompanied by Salman Khan, actress Jacqueline Falmadij, Prabhu Deva will be present at the event, the organization said.

It has come out that the program planning organization, OGC Entertainment is going to bring Salman Khan to Nepal by bringing Brads Adam to Nepal a decade ago.  Khan has said that he will organize the program for the year 2069. This is the same organization that started the program four years ago when Salman Khan was brought to Nepal and the program was postponed due to widespread protests.  Simanta Gurung has confirmed that the matter has been fixed due to Korna.  It has been found that the government has also taken various steps to bring foreign artists to Nepal.

It is said that the program was scheduled to bring Salman Khan to Nepal in the year 2074 BS before Yash, but the program was postponed saying that the organizing team did not prepare professionally.  At that time, even after the BJP-Maoist had challenged the security, the government had said that it could not provide security.  Swastika Khadka said that when it came, it was about money.  Even though many people took back the tickets at that time, some tickets were left, now it is considered valid even if the same ticket is filled.

Some time ago, the scenes of Nirmal Purja, the world’s 8000 meter high mountaineer, meeting in India to meet him in Nepal also went viral, but even though Nirmal Purja was supposed to perform at that time, Salman Khan came to Nepal for Dabangg’s program.  The possibility of participation is also seen.  With the news of Khan coming to Nepal, cg company is preparing to launch cg tv.

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