Sita Bhandar death case, Husband, brother in law and sister in law sentenced to jail.

Husband sister in law and brother in law sent to jail in the death case of Sita Bhandari Poudel who died at Manigram in Tilot Municipality Ward No. 5 of Rupandehi District. Sita was happily married to 43-year-old Tikaram Poudel. The son-in-law called his daughter’s house.

After that, Sita’s father, mother and uncles came to her house but it didn’t seem to be there for a while. Was equivalent.

The post-mortem of Sita’s body revealed that she had committed suicide. However, the report was not accepted by Sita’s family and they have been saying that she was stabbed in the head instead of being stabbed. Saying yes, the family is agitating.

Tika was the first to see Sita hanging, but she did not tell the police or her family and left the house alone in the morning. This has made Tana very secretive. According to Sita’s brother, she said that she came out of Didi Mait very happily and that such a person could not do anything about it.

After Sita, there is no sadness in the house and everyone is smiling, so it is shown to Sita that it is Ray Kai. Even before the police arrived, the cousin’s son Ramesh, the ward chairman and a neighbor had entered the house and it has become a mystery.

On the morning of the day of Sita Bhandari’s mysterious death, Ward Chairman Chetnarayan Bhandari went to Sita Bhandari’s house at 5:45 am, which is evident from CCTV footage. It looks very mysterious. In the same CCTV footage, Sita’s husband can be clearly seen leaving the house at around 4 in the morning and he is gone, and this is becoming very mysterious.

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