Snehi Kakh is a problem for Snehi Kakh to satisfy the hunger of 75 people

The epidemic of Covid 19 has led to an increase in the number of hungry people in many places. The financial crisis is also beginning to fall on the loving mothers who are taking care of the mentally ill mothers and the children born from those mothers. This organization has been providing support to Vesahara mothers who have lost their mental balance. This institution, which is run with the help of donors, has been struggling to make ends meet in Nepal. Neha Pokhrel, chairperson of Snehi Kakhki, said that she was embarrassed to eat two meals a day.

Even though the corona epidemic is crippling, Neh’s routine is always the same. Taking care of the mothers in their loving arms, feeding the little ones, this is how their daily life has gone. But as soon as the second variant of Corona appeared in Nepal, she said that she was worried about moving her children to Corona.

He is also facing financial hardship due to Corona. She laments that if there is rice, there is lack of pulses, if there is pulses, there is lack of rice gas. Neh has started to have a bigger problem after he was diagnosed with cancer in a person in his arms. A psychiatrist rescued from Kavrepalanchok who does not even know his name. After her body started smelling, Neh took her to the hospital for treatment.

An X-ray showed that the baby had died in her womb. The leader said that the hospital ward itself would stink when the baby was taken out after the operation. Rotten uterine cancer has reached the kidneys. He also has a stone in his gallbladder. The patient has lost his mental balance more than anyone else and does not even feel the pain. The patient was kept on a ventilator after being diagnosed with corona infection while being treated at the hospital.

There is no donor who constantly donates for the loving arms. Donors who come to the organization to help on the occasion of occasional festivals, someone’s birthday and someone’s anniversary have been coming. Even if someone arranged to feed them a meal, it would be a great relief for the loving ones. But due to the lockdown, those works could not take place and there is a shortage of food in the loving arms.

Due to financial constraints, Neh complained of not being able to feed her 9-month-old baby on time. When such a situation arose, he could not handle himself. Tika Sanu Sobha Lagaet had fed her on the day of Aushi. At present, 75 people are living in this institution. Out of which 14 are small children.

Currently, this organization has not been able to pay even the house rent for one year. The housewife, who was held for one year, has now asked for rent. But the economy is not engaged.

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