Social illusions make the world look bad in the eyes of people

People say that their life has not been good because of other bad things in life. But they never think that the bad thoughts in their mind have led them to bad defecation.  Sister Baini says that she can’t do anything by blaming each other. There are people who are right in life, they can’t do anything. But blaming each other doesn’t stop them.  Where does one go from here? There is not always a time of sniffing in the society. Sometimes it is going up and down.

The person who has anger and jealousy in his mind loses a lot of good things in his mind. But that person is sitting in his mind with various bad thoughts.  People are jealous. People don’t know why I’m angry. If we die tomorrow, we’ll all go to the graveyard naked.  Is starting.

Dr.  Bikasananda says that the husband and wife of Nepali artists first attribute the fact that their partner is very good. They are praising each other a lot.  Divorce happens and since then they have been commenting everywhere like this. They are living their lives by fooling each other. Human beings do not understand human beings. They do not even believe in each other.

In one of his discourses, the Buddha said that the world is blind. The real world was also blind.  The thing is, what I can do, what I can’t do, is important. The Buddha says do your last thing before you go to bed. When a prostitute hears you go straight to the brothel.  It makes it important for people to have the right thoughts.

Bill Gates used to read Rithol before going to bed even when he was poor, and even after he became a billionaire, he used to read Rithol like before.  If you don’t get married, you will end up not getting married again. After hearing the sage’s words, those people became confused.  5,000 years ago, people are suffering because of the culture of the past. Grief happens in the present, grief is caused by us in the past. So we have to move forward with peace of mind.

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