Speaking about the relationship with Balchi, in Nepty Media

After winning the hearts of millions of viewers in a short period of time, leaving the comedy serial “Halka Ramailo” to the serial Birkhe, many viewers have responded in their own way. Always on the team, looking like a family in the same serial, leaving the field abruptly, the viewers in the next serial are searching for the actors, similarly in the search for Neptune, after leaving out what he left, the viewers commenting good and bad. Nepti said.


Known as the Neptune in Halka Ramailo, she was seen as the girlfriend of Ishtu Balchi. Neptune has said that even if the demand is high, it can go to light fun. “After making a video and uploading it while I was asleep, people started saying that there is some secret in it, giving different comments and giving different reactions,” said Neptune.

Neptune said that even though she did not plan to give up light fun, she had to give up light fun. When a person is lacking in any ongoing work, he shows a lot of things. Similarly, when there is no napty in light fun, people have commented that he had to be brought, while some people have commented that he has made bad comments. Many viewers have also commented on the fact that Neptune, who became popular among the viewers out of light fun, has kicked her now that she has come into the limelight.

When Neptune put what he was about to do in the group, I left him unknowingly. I told Raju brother that Balchi brother had removed me from the group. . After that, she started to feel better in Birkhe, and after not deciding to have fun for a while, she left, said Neptune. Although she said that she would not be seen for some time, after the excessive comments of the viewers started coming, she said that there is a strong possibility that they will be seen together again in the episode. She said that the whole team was saddened by the unexpected.

She said that in many places the news of remuneration has turned out to be a bit of a hassle. She says that even now she misses a lot of light fun, that she can’t hide the fact that she has made her identity. When trying to do something in life in a group, there is a little bit of quarreling among friends, it is a little sad to create division in it, the same thing happened to them unknowingly, said Nepti. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. In the process of life, sometimes up and down, both episodes are just as important to her, she said.

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