Spreading like flames, infection of omicron, fear of food and food for working class

The fear of Omicron entering Nepal from India through Africa is increasing. Losing jobs due to Korana, people sitting at home forgetting their grief, the new variant does not create the old situation, the general public is worried about it.  The omikron, which is spreading like wildfire, has spread to more than 100 countries, affecting more than 100 people worldwide.  After one problem after another, people started going abroad for employment. After the closure of children’s schools and employment, the incidence of crime is also increasing.
In Nepal too, the new variant has been seen in three citizens from abroad.

A new variant of the coronavirus from South Africa was found on November 14, 2021. Two African nationals tested positive. They are being monitored without any serious health problems.  The virus is said to be more contagious and more deadly than other viruses. People are struggling with a variety of afflictions in their lives.  Has tightened.

Many countries have been hit hard by the arrival of Omicron. In Nepal, too, it has been a matter of great concern since the onset of the virus, which affects the general population.  Because it is a newton virus, it is more likely to spread rapidly.  Although it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, scientists have confirmed that the virus will spread rapidly.

According to the bigwigs, there is no word yet on how dangerous the new variant is. People have requested to pay special attention to their health without following the rumors. It is also known whether the vaccine works on the new variant or not.  He says that he has not come. He says that there is no need to panic right now as this new variant is not being studied for a long time.  The virus, which originated in South Africa, has now spread to more than 100 countries around the world.  Has risen.

The general public is increasingly worried about what to eat. He says there are enough vaccines available to reach everyone.  After the virus started to heal a little bit, another virus appeared. Even now, the security forces of the country have started using safety measures in all areas. As a result, people have not been able to return to their work completely.  They say that it will not be affected

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