St. Mary’s School – Principal press release on long hair & LGBTQ issues

St. Mary’s secondary school is located in Jawlakhel, Lalitpur, Kathmandu. This Scholl is running inside the country for 70 years. In this school 90% of students are girls and even the school teachers of that school are mostly ladies. In the last week, some disputes arise in that school, where one girl student of that school was against her principal also known by Sister Mariar.

According to that student, she has short hair and she is also the active participator of athletics name- Boxing. Because of being engaged in the Boxing game she had cut her hair so that it will be safe to play the game as well. But making the issue of short hair she was called in the stage and scolded by her principal Mariar. She scolded her and said to make the hair long. The principal added with “You are not allowed to have short hair inside the school environment and if you want to stay inside this school you have to accept our rules and orders”. According to that girl, there is also the rule of wearing the skirt below the knee and should wear the long underwear.

They will be checked if the underwear is long or not. That girl student has problem with the rules of her school and does not get platform to tell anybody in that school environment and so she had posted the issues she is dealing with in the website. She had also added the problem of junior inside that post saying “My junior, who also cut her hair short, was called in private by a very important teacher and says “Don’t you feel proud of being a girl?

Why do you need to cut your hair? Can’t you embrace your gender?”. Because of this reason she who cut her hair for sports reason, was absolutely get hurt with this. And her guardian had to come to school and submit an application. According to her, that was the worst situation ever happened to her. Their teacher checked their undergarments if they had worn bloomers (long underwear basically). Similarly, she added up with she had her first button open, because the shirt was looking visibly so tight. But the principal said “Why is your button open? Are you trying to expose up yourself to others?” The girls of that school had been fed up because of such nonsense rules and regulations and they have been too much uncomfortable because of all these scenarios that is happening inside their school.

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