State tried to engulf citizen’s property

Radhika Karki resides in a cottage on Jadibuti Brigit’s east side. The cottage land, according to the papers, belongs to her mother Maile Khatri. Radhika is a 60-year-old woman. She has all of her personal paperwork as proof that the land is hers. However, the government claims that this is government property. They attempted to demolish the hut where Radhika lives. Not only the government, but even the local minister have attempted to demolish the cottage.

Radhika expresses her dissatisfaction by reassuring that the community ministers were the ones for whom she supported in an election, and now he is working against her. There is a dispute between Radhika and the government regarding whose land it is. Radhika, on the other hand, claims ownership of the land based on papers.

She described how she was put under mental duress in order to abandon the property. Radhika’s mother, Maili Karki, brought the land in 28000 in 2043 BS. She used to work at a tea store. She borough the property after a lot of hard work, but out of nowhere, the government issued them notice by declaring that it was federal land.

She described how the government and the police put them under mental duress. She claims that they were not given the opportunity to sleep or eat. After a few years, her mother Maili was unsuccessful in her attempt to obtain justice in district court. The court ruled in their favor, but Radhika’s mother passed away, and the case was dropped. Radhika is still demanding justice following her mother’s death. She continues to come to the court.



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