Story of Budha Air force landing in Kathmandu

The Buddha Air flight carrying 77 people including four crew members from Tribhuvan Airport returned without landing at Biratnagar. At first, the passengers were not scared, but when the plane was not able to land in Kathmandu and started spinning.

As the plane approached the runway for landing and returned, it saw the ambulance and security personnel in a state of readiness. Pratap Limbu, a passenger on the plane, said, “Life was going to be like this now.”

However, the landing gear opened and the plane landed smoothly. Those on the plane were happy to have a second life. Airport staff, security guards and other passengers applauded and cheered the accident. An employee of Buddha Air said, “It was as if I was holding my breath due to stress.”

There were tears inside the plane, we had lost hope said one of the passenger. On Monday, another Buddha Air flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara had a technical problem. According to General Manager of Tribhuvan International Airport Pratap Babu Tiwari, the plane had to return to Kathmandu after seeing smoke in the cockpit.

One of Buddha’s plane was diverted from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi on July 26 due to a technical problem. On the same day, a passenger who flew from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj lost consciousness and returned to Kathmandu.

In all cases, the company has adopted the principle of “zero tolerance for security”. Buddha Air also issued a statement on Monday saying, “The captain has decided to return the ship to Kathmandu immediately as there is zero tolerance for security.”

According to Buddha Air, the plane has two indicators for landing gear. The primary indicator was not seen while trying to land the ship bound for Biratnagar on Monday. Even the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) of Biratnagar Airport did not see the wheel of the ship open. The plane returned to Kathmandu. The problem came when the landing gear indicator could not work: Buddha Air said.
Kathmandu Airport is the safest airport for everything from fire fighting to ambulance. According to Buddha Air, even though it was not seen in the primary indicator, everything was fine in the secondary indicator. After arriving in Kathmandu, the captain was informed on the radio contact of Buddha Air’s technical team while checking the landing gear that it was correct and dropped.

General Manager of Tribhuvan Airport Pratap Babu Tiwari’s ship was asked to fly near the runway. The ship was allowed to land after the technician made sure the wheels were open. However, the airport administration kept the rescue team, fire fighting team and medical team all ready to ensure air safety. In case the wheel is not open for any reason, foam is placed on the runway like a carpet.

According to an engineer of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, it prevents fire on the ship. But today, such a form did not have to be distributed on the runway.

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