strange medical incident of history

When an individual has insanity or presenile dementia symptoms, a anamnesis and physical examination square measure crucial aspects of the analysis.



Nobody guessed actuality reason of Mr H.’s sickness within the spring of 1842, once he was a pharmacist’s assistant from London. respiratory disorder had perpetually been a drag for the 35-year-old, thus his family believed that was why he was having hassle respiratory.

However, the everyday treatments — enemas, bleeding, and laxatives – were ineffective now. He died many days later, associate degreed his physicians were shocked to get a partial set of dentures cornered within the patient’s cavity throughout an autopsy.

Sarah Ann then threw up seven further slugs, all of that were alive and varied in size. the child hip the GP that she wanted to munch on lettuces from the garden once he asked whether or not she’d eaten up something odd.

The doctor found that lady had accidentally eaten a family of newborn slugs that had matured at intervals her abdomen over many weeks. ‘Can the garden slug sleep in the human stomach?’ scan in an exceedinglyll|one amongst|one in every of} the best headlines you will ever see in a medical publication.

Unsurprisingly, the solution isn’t any, they can’t. It wasn’t a family of molluscs gayly nibbling on veggies in wife Ann’s abdomen that was the matter.

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