Strict action of the board to improve the share market. SAMAYA CHAKRA

Are you constantly investing in the stock market based on what others say? Have you jumped on the Nepal Stock Exchange without realizing that there is a good profit when the Nepse index, which measures transactions, reaches a high point? If so, you may not be able to earn, you may even lose the money you invested.

The regulatory body Nepal Securities Board (NSB) has warned investors to invest without any thought due to the recent spark in Nepse. The board has urged not to invest in the stock market on the basis of rumors.

Nepse alone does not determine everything in the stock market. However, many are happy when the market continues to rise. It has been found that some investors are investing in the stock market without understanding the desire to get good returns even with low investment.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, the Gurkhas finance ltd has reached 1200 plus point where as everest bank has reached around 750 and nabil bank have around 1300. Investing in the stock market without understanding the psychology of the market can also have a negative impact. The board understands that frequent decisions can be fatal in themselves.

Share prices have risen in recent days. The Board has urged the investors to be vigilant as the level of risk of investors is also increasing in case of increase in the Nepse Index, which is a measure of transactions in the stock market.

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