Successful testing of unmanned helicopter.

Chan, which has been using the highest level of modern knowledge from space to earth, has prepared an unmanned helicopter. Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chan government, has successfully tested an unmanned helicopter that can be flown from a ship by a research organization of AVIC, China’s Adivation Industry Corporation. The AR 500 BJ helicopter took off from the ship and landed there. It was operated by AVIC in 2017.

It is considered suitable for both human and military, it is said that the helicopter made entirely in China can be used for both tasks. In order to be no less than any other country in the world market, China is putting its strength into every research, using its manpower to bring one miracle after another to the market. Be it in the economy or in any other world market, China is bringing a new miracle in the world market by using its strength in weapons in an excessive amount. China, which is in the race to become the first power of Biswa, is in the race to set another record after Aak, the countries of Biswa have landed a man on the moon, built a house, investigated its information, and other information, while China has set a new record by landing the moon in its own country.

Chinese scientists have created a sun that is five times hotter than the real sun. China is currently putting its manpower into new research, which makes its manpower still in the running for structured work. According to the China News Agency, Chinese scientists preserved the series by heating it for 17 minutes. A temperature of 70 million degrees Celsius was released from the sun. In this way, China is achieving success by making full use of its human resources.

This artificial sun is named The Experimental Supermart Advanced Tokamak East. For this project, China has spent an amount equal to 7 billion pounds. All the objects on earth are alive because of the sun. The sun contains 74 percent hydrogen, 25 percent helium and other planetary substances. Its mass is estimated to be around 5 billion. In order for China to complete its space mission, a team of three astronauts was successfully sent into space on Sunday.

Along with astronauts Chib Dom, Liuyan and Kaisuji, they were sent into space from the Zhuquan satellite in western China. The experiment will be broadcast every day across the country, according to Lin Xiqiyan, deputy director of the China Space Agency CMSA, who announced that the project will herald an international mission. This is the second time that China has sent astronauts, after spending 6 months in space, they returned to Earth, they built some parts of the space station there.

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