Such a big man from the police

The man in such a big police post, who is working to bring justice in the society, has made his wife cry. It was supposed to be possible to live happily in old age, to do religious deeds, but everything was shattered. After 11 months, she is living without her husband. That too in old age.

Radhadevi Neupane belongs to Bharatpur-12 Radhakrishna Tola. She went missing on the morning of July 11, 2008. That day was also his birthday. After losing her husband, she looked at astrology. At that time, Saturn was in trouble on the planet. But as she has not come yet, she has made her incident public on YouTube.

Yadunath Neupane (retired from police station). He also quit his job in 2067 BS. She said that she had left her job so that she would not have to suffer so much. She said that she had been suffering for the rest of her life. She says that she has never had such a bad marriage.

A son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are at home. He had come out the day before his birthday. He said that he would go to see the flood from Narayani Bridge to Deughat tomorrow. The next day was her husband’s birthday so she went to the temple. And when she came home, her husband was still at home. She asked for water and gave it to him. Then she went upstairs to worship. But when it was too late, her husband did not come to worship.

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