Such a message of Pal Shah to his ex-girlfriend II GLAMOR GUFF

Whether it is an epidemic or a natural disaster, actor Pal Shah always comes forward for help. The same hero Pal Shah has reached all over the country to help the victims. He is active in the campaign to feed the hungry in Kathmandu and reaches out to those affected by natural disasters.

He is active in social work through our Team Nepal and Pal Shah Foundation. He has been called a real hero not only in real life. He has been named Real Hero of the Year. The silver screen group has honored him as a real hero. Lamar’s talk began with his own interview. Prakash Subedi still invited him as a guest.

Pal Shah prefers the former king to the leader of a political party. He said that it would be better to have only one guardian in a household, adding that people are suffering when they try to have more guardians in Nepal now. He said that he was in favor of the king as he had been considering the former king as Lord Vishnu since childhood. Am I inferior to you in the country? He said that the problem has arisen due to the thinking of the political parties.

He also said that he will get married soon. He also said that the issue of marriage was raised indirectly in the family. In his third decade of life, he said he loved someone in his life. While working at Terai TV, he told his co-worker that he liked it very much, but it was only a few months. After that, he said that even though he had double love with another, he also lost that love.

He said that he was very sad when his love with the person he loved did not succeed. He said that they lost their double love because they could not understand each other. For the first time he has told about his love. He said that he had been in love for a few years (four years) and he was very sad when he left. He is giving a message to his ex-girlfriend, don’t come back now, be happy wherever you are. I’m so happy

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