Such a practice when you are sick, you cannot touch goat. 

The more you travel in Nepal, the more power comes to your body, and the more you can experience new places, from which a power arises in the human tongue, says Sachin Neupane, who studies social sciences, stories of all countries, new historical, religious places.  Although I could not read about Nepal in the book, Purvi Blues started showing story scenes from all over Nepal on youtube channel.

The village of Panchthar in the eastern hilly district of Nepal is incomparably beautiful, surrounded by lush greenery.  A naturally formed village, where even when a person is ill, people only seek the advice of a dhami for treatment.  Carrying their own religious significance, there are many temples in this place.  Along with the various scenic views in Sadu Tar, the mountains, the lakes, the river Dadapakha together, the fun of enjoying the face is different.  Areas of great importance to many people, where there are religious sites for the treatment of the mentally ill.

Nepal, a country full of natural, cultural and religious landscapes, has many enticing places in various places, where people, wandering around, lose a thousand sorrows and pains in their heart in a single moment and experience a new life.  Developed countries have developed various man-made materials to attract tourists.  But since we can’t even manage the gifts of nature made in Nepal, people are not aware of the scenes in many places.

When a person has stress in his life due to work stress, pressure from various other places, he is looking for a place to control his mind, calm, beautiful, green, solitary, changing people’s life, which can be found in abundance from big cities of Nepal to cities.  Do  There are places in Nepal where there is greed, where people are left to visit due to lack of publicity.

Geographically, Nepal is divided into three parts, namely Himal, Pahad and Terai, where different types of costumes, languages, cultures, customs, manners are found.  When you feel greedy, laughing and joking with people, the people of Gaughar enjoy the moments, which gives a different identity to a person.  Although it is a bit difficult to look at the settlements, travel to the developing villages, the water and beauty of the place has given people more power than that

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