Suhana’s last speech about love and separation, Naturale guff with Barsha..Suhana. Ep 1

Cinepati TV’s Naturale Guff program host Varsha Basnet has talked about her recent life struggles with popular actress Suhana Thapa.  In the first episode of the show, Suhana feels that she fell in love at the age of 17, but then she struggles with her life and future.  Lately, she has not had time to think about love, she said.  She says that it would have been better if she had been married to a man full of wisdom, discernment, and knowledge.

Anmol KC, who has been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time, was honored by the President with the public service Shri Pancham Puskar.  Explains  According to Anmol, the love of the viewer is greater than the tag of a person in his name.

The Nepali film A Mero Hazur 4 is a Nepali film based on the Newari culture and way of life of the Nepalese people.  In the important role of artists like Jharna Thapa, Sunil Thapa, Anmol KC, Suhana Thapa and others who have been involved in the Nepali film industry for a long time.  The movie had a good market in terms of business and the audience was also happy to see the movie.

The producer has said that A Mero Hazur 4 is a movie based on love, suitable for Nepali society and the audience will come to watch the movie.  At a time when Nepali movies are lagging behind, Indian movies have found a good market, which is why many people are saying that Nepali movies are not playing.  Many people are worried that the movie will be damaged, but Anmol said that the movie will run because he has full faith in the Nepali audience and fans.

She said that she was confident that her movie would be liked by the audience as the viewers did not want to watch the movie and demanded that the Nepali movie worth watching should be brought to the market.  A. My Hazur 4’s Taylor has come to the market, in which only the new generation of artists have been introduced.  In the confrontation between Nepali films and Indian films, the viewers have said that they are happy to enjoy the films made in their language, religion and culture on the occasion of New Year.

Rabbi says that 30 million Nepalis are monitoring the study of Nepali language and culture.  He said that he felt that foreign cinema had a bad effect on Nepali language and culture.  According to the cast, the team of A Mero Hazur 4 is sure that the audience will like the Nepali language culture film made in Nepal more than the Indian film made with a lot of investment



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