Sujita Bhandari’s death case : postmortem found soil stuck in her throat, blade torn

Sujita Bhandari of Chitwan Rapti Municipality-3 has been missing since July 25. Her body was found Sunday evening. Sujita herself had informed her sister that she had been abducted. She was terrified when a group of three abducted her and put her in a taxi. Sujita’s body was found in a nearby community forest. In addition, pesticides were found in the paddy. It was Sujita who gave the trillion that was abducted. However, no trace of the abductor has been found so far.

The postmortem of Sujita’s body was held in Kathmandu on Tuesday. Some new facts have also been found in the postmortem. Is this a sign that the postmortem is being conducted at a time when everyone is being accused of murder or suicide? There is no way to reach the desolate forest where Sujita’s body was found 9 days later. Her postmortem report on Tuesday showed her left leg and arm being cut with a blade. It is suspected that he was tortured and killed after finding such a stain. During the post-mortem, soil was found stuck in Sujita’s neck. This has further complicated the situation.

Police searched the spot but could not find the mobile phone used by Sujita. On Tuesday, a mobile phone was found 15 meters away from the place where the body was found. However, police said that the mobile phone did not have a SIM. Sujita’s body was found in a community forest about 4 kilometers from her house. It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the injuries. According to Sujita’s sister Kavita, she was abducted and taken east.

Although Sujita herself said that she was abducted, no evidence of abduction has been found so far. While studying Sujita’s phone and massage, Sujita was close to a young man. But it seems that he has not had any contact with the youth since a month ago. It can be assumed that they had a love affair with the young man and had a breakup due to a fight. But that alone is not enough to get to the bottom of the matter. The family of the deceased said that the youths were under suspicion and demanded that they be arrested and interrogated.

According to the relatives, the police did not take care of Sujita who went missing for 11 days. He said the incident took place as the police were waiting for the kidnapper to call for ransom.

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