Sujita Yonjan singing duet with Rajesh Payal Rai

Voice of Nepal contestant Sujita Yonjan and Rajesh Payal Rai will sing together. Sujita has reached Rajesh’s house and met him. She saw Rajesh for the first time on the stage of Voice of Nepal. At that time, Sujita says that she was happy with the fear. During the meeting, Sujita and Rajesh have fun singing songs together. Rajesh says that Sujita’s voice, which came to the fore from Voice of Nepal, is very sweet. During the meeting, Rajesh said that he was ready to sing a duet with Sujita.

Rajesh is still known as Rai Is King. Sujita said that she was very happy to sing with him. She says she is lucky. She says that she found it very difficult to sing in front of Rajesh. Sujita had come to Kathmandu from the village two years ago. Sujita’s house is a secluded house with a river under the house and a large forest above the house. She says it takes an hour to reach the village from her home. That’s why Sujita can’t mix herself with people. But he loves playing bag singing and watching movies. He is also interested in singing and acting.

Sujita, who used to enjoy rivers and forests, is now known all over the world. Therefore, Rajesh says that he should sing and rejoice for everyone. Sujita used to act when she was in the village. Where there was no one, she acted as if there were others. But after coming to Kathmandu from the village, she said that she knew what acting is. According to Rajesh, singing is easier than caricature. But that caricature will also help in the gown, he said. Rajesh says that he should do whatever he likes. Seeing Sujita’s art, Rajesh says that the singer and the hero can be done by the same person.

Rajesh said that he would do his best to support Sujita’s singing ability. That is why he is preparing to sing a duet with Sujita. Rajesh is preparing to record a duet song this week. He is preparing to sing with Sujita soon as he will be busy in music outside Nepal with the prevention of Kovid 19. As there are many agreements outside Nepal, Rajesh has not been able to continue his role of coach in Voice of Nepal. But the viewers are complaining that the atmosphere that was created in his absence was not created in Voice of Nepal. Despite this, Rajesh has stayed in Nepal, keeping his presentation abroad. He plans to go abroad as soon as the wave of Kovid subsides.

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