Sunil Giri – Soltini Kya Ramri, Miruna Magar

Presenting Soltini Kya Ramri (सोल्टिनी क्या राम्री) featuring Miruna Magar and Ganeshman Ghale. This song has been shot in the beautiful village of Lamjung District, Bhujung. Miruna Magar and Ganeshman Ghale have been featured in this music video.

The word “Soltini” comes from the Gurung language and relates to his or her maternal uncle’s children. However, just like “dude, friend,” in the English language, this term is used to refer to someone who is a good friend.

Video of folk pop singer Sunil Giri’s new song ‘Soltini Kya Ramri’ has been released. The video released by singer Giri’s official YouTube channel is Soltini’s third series. Singer Giri has composed the words, music and voice while the arrangement has been done by Krishna .

In the video showing love and romance in an artistic style, Ganeshman Ghale has had an onscreen romance with popular actress Miruna Magar.

Filmed in Bhujung village of Lamjung, which has more than 500 Gurung settlements, Soltini Kya Ramri was shot by Vivek BK and edited by Manoj Karki. The video was directed by singer Giri himself.

Visual Credits
Lead Artists: Miruna Magar & Ganeshman Ghale
Child Artists: Yujan Gurung& Ankita Gurung
Supporting Artists: Purna Gurung, Krishnu Gurung, Salina Gurung, Saranga Gurung, Aama Man Kumari Gurung
Makeup: Kalpana Samba Limbu
Costume: Anushka DC, Ashree Creation
Transportation: Anil Jyatha
Light Managements: Bishnu Chhetri, Hari Shrestha, Milan Thapa, Ang Dorpe Shrepa
IT Support: Rajendra Aryal
Publicity Designs, Digital Asset Management & Digital Distribution: @Pawan Simkhada, Pyaro Studio

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