Sunita Dangol with fake certificate?

Sunita Dangol has been charged with abuse of authority by the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

Sunita Dangol, a CPN-UML Deputy Mayoral candidate in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has been accused of lying about her educational qualifications in order to be recruited as an expert advisor to the metropolis’ planning committee. During her five-year tenure, she is said to have taken allowances and salaries.

During Shakya’s term, she was also a member of his core team. After obtaining the mayorship of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Shakya founded the Urban Planning Commission.

Saroj Basnet is the commission’s vice-chairman. Members were Gujeev Shrestha, Sanjeev Shakya, Manaraja Ranjit, Kirti Kusum Joshi, and Rajan Lal Joshi. A total of 12 specialists had been engaged by the panel. Sunita is ranked eighth on the list.

She was appointed as an Assistant Specialist on the 31st of Asar 2076 BS and served until the 1st of Falgun 2077 BS.

Angol was appointed as a sixth-level official with competence in education, health, social services, the environment, and disaster management. He has a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology. However, a lawsuit has been filed alleging that she lied about her educational credentials.

She has been given the equivalent of Assistant Expert VI position, according to information released to the media by the metropolitan. The monthly income of the assistant sixth specialist is Rs 37,990, whereas the monthly fuel expense is Rs 48,990.

Sunita Dangol has earlier launched her candidacy for mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City as an independent candidate. She even published a manifesto of her own. When it came time to register for the election, she decided to run for deputy mayor and earned a UML ticket.

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