Sunita Dangol’s Interview

Sunita Dangol has allegedly launched her candidacy for mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City as an independent candidate. She even published a manifesto. When it came time to register for the election, she chose to run for deputy mayor and earned a UML ticket.

Despite Sunita proclaiming herself an independent candidate earlier, the bond between Dangol and Shakya looks to be ancient. They’ve been buddies since 2014, according to Shakya’s Facebook profile.

On the date of 2014, Shakya’s Facebook profile included a snapshot of the two of them. Shakya has uploaded her photo several times on social media. During Shakya’s term, she was also a part of his core staff. After obtaining the mayorship of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Shakya founded the Urban Planning Commission.

Saroj Basnet is the commission’s vice-chairman. Members were Gujeev Shrestha, Sanjeev Shakya, Manaraja Ranjit, Kirti Kusum Joshi, and Rajan Lal Joshi. Twelve specialists had been enlisted by the commission. Sunita is ranked eighth on the list.

She was employed as an Assistant Specialist on the 31st of Asar 2076 BS and worked until the 1st of Falgun 2077 BS. Dangol has been appointed as a sixth-level official with competence in education, health, social services, the environment, and disaster management. He has a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology.

She has been given the equivalent of Assistant Expert VI position, according to information released to the media by the metropolitan. The monthly income of the assistant sixth specialist is Rs 37,990, whereas the monthly fuel expense is Rs 48,990.

She worked with Shakya’s core crew for a year and a half. She earned Rs 9,30,810 during the course of her 18-month employment.

It appears that 12 experts were hired under the same statute at various times to assist the Urban Planning Commission in getting the information needed to exercise the right to information. There are 12 experts in total: Ranjita Shakya Udas, Jenny Shrestha, Jayshree Bhandari, Sandhya Bajracharya, Priyanka Pradhan, Kapil Phuyal, Pratiksha Rai, Maniraj Bastola, Suresh Manandhar, and Regan Ranjit.

The metropolitan provided the vice-chairman with a monthly salary of Rs 62,680 and a gasoline allowance of Rs 15,000, while the members received a monthly salary of Rs 49,380 and a fuel allowance of Rs 15,000 from the metropolis.

The seventh contender received Rs 39,870 from the assistant expert, while the sixth received Rs 37,990. It’s worth noting that both tiers received Rs 11,000 for gasoline costs. Sunita, on the other hand, was paid at the same rate as the sixth assistant.

According to Kathmandu Metropolitan Information Officer Basanta Acharya, Sunita has been hired as an expert by the Urban Planning Commission. “After the creation of the Urban Planning Commission, not only Sunita Dangol, but also 12 professionals were recruited,” he says.

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